Mathias Petit

Welcome, about myself

I have experience and knowledge in Networks, Infrastructure, Microsoft Azure & Modern Workplace. I attach great importance to offering efficient and high-quality solutions that meet the customer's needs and are also future-oriented. I strive to handle IT projects professionally and efficiently.

My Knowledge

Palo Alto

Experienced with Palo Alto Networks since 2021, Configuring the setup of features like GlobalProtect and routing. Managed firewall operations from start to finish, ensuring smooth functionality and security alignment with organizational goals.

Microsoft Azure

Skilled in Azure infrastructure since 2018, progressing from deploying small setups to co-architecting complete hub-and-spoke infrastructures for larger businesses (up to 500 people). Proficient in managing migrations to Azure, ensuring seamless transitions and optimized performance.


Experienced with Fortinet since 2023, specializing in migrations from Palo Alto to Fortinet. Proficient in setting up Fortinet Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), IPsec VPNs, static routing, and high availability configurations.


Proficient with HP Aruba switches since 2021, focusing on CLI-based configuration for comprehensive setups including VLANs, interfaces, trunks, STP, edge ports, and DHCP snooping and so on.


Experienced with Cisco switches, co-managing setup since 2021. Collaboratively configured VLANs, EtherChannels, STP, and various security features for optimal network performance and security.


Familiar with WatchGuard from 2021 to 2023, handling security policies, routing, VLANs, and monitoring for small-scale setups involving three firewalls.


Experienced with UniFi products since 2016, initially managing small networks and hotels. Later, scaled up to larger deployments with up to 30 access points per site.


Proficient in SonicWall since 2021, managing approximately 30 units encompassing routing, IPsec VPN (including dynamic rebuilding), VLANs, and security policies and more.


Experienced with Axsguard since 2016, specializing in small to medium-sized businesses. Managed state-of-the-art firewall solutions, considering Axsguard a reliable option despite its lesser-known status.


Proficient in AWS since 2023, adept at deploying VMs, configuring security groups, managing S3 buckets, and utilizing Route 53 for DNS management in small-scale setups.

Intune (MEM)

Experienced with Microsoft Intune since 2018, orchestrating complete endpoint setups from app protection profiles to standard policies, compliance rules, and app deployment.


Experienced with VMware for an extensive period, specializing in ESXi clusters integrated with SANs or NAS over NFS for storage, managing over 100 VMs.

Hyper V

Experienced with Hyper-V for smaller businesses, managing setups with up to 5 VMs. For larger deployments, transitioned to ESXi for enhanced scalability and performance.


Managed a XenServer cluster to host VMs, providing users with terminal server capabilities or serving as an AD host for various applications. Leveraged VPN, specifically OpenVPN, for secure connections to the cluster.

Microsoft Defender Suite

Skilled in Microsoft Defender via Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Security Center. Managed configurations and investigated security alerts for effective threat detection and response.


Experienced with 3CX VoIP for small businesses, typically managing up to 30 phones per tenant. Proficient in setting up ring groups, SIP trunks, SBCs, flow routing, and bridges. Fully satisfied with product performance and functionality.

Microsoft Teams

Deployed Microsoft Teams setup for a 500-person company with 30 active VoIP users. Managed resource accounts, ring groups, and auto attendants for seamless communication.

Work experience

System Engineer

Napoleon Games / Feb 2021 - March 2024

Self Employed (Side business)

Mathias Petit /Augustus 2020 - Continue

System & Network Engineer

Sinpro / Aug 2015 - Feb 2021

System Engineer / Feb 2024 - Continue


Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate
  • Manage Azure identities and governance

  • Implement and manage storage

  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

  • Conifgure and manage virtual networking

  • Monitor and back up Azure resources

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Cloud concepts

  • Azure services

  • Azure workloads

  • security

  • privacy

  • Azure pricing

  • Support

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator
  • Configure and manage the essential features of Palo Alto Networks nextgeneration firewalls.

  • Configure and manage GlobalProtect to protect systems that are located outside of the data center perimeter.

  • Configure and manage firewall high availability.

  • Monitor network traffic using the interactive web interface and firewall reports.

3CX Advanced Certification
  • Call Queues

  • Advanced inbound Routing

  • Bridges

  • Advanced Outbound Routing

  • Security & Anti-Fraud

  • Troubleshooting

AXS Guard Advanced
  • Networking (ethernet, vlan, bridge, bond, NAT)
    Authenticatie (rules, policies, restrictions, services, 2FA met DIGIPASS )

  • Firewall (user/group policies (authenticated), application control, advanced rules)

  • VPN (IPsec E-tunnel, OpenVPN, PAX)

  • Reverse Proxy – HTTP (OWA, Awingu), RDG

  • Troubleshooting (Shell Access, Console tool – tcpdump, iftop, …, reports, statistics, logging, flow viewer)


Complete WordPress Course


Complete VMWare Course


SEO 2020 Complete


Azure Administrator


AWS Administrator


Azure Security Administrator


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